onsdag, april 20, 2005

Cadmus on Hiatus

I think that writing is just not a habit of mine. Yet. I had never written anything (well, at least not on my own volition; stuff you gotta write cuz somebody sez so don't count.) before I began with Cadmus six months ago.

A major problem of Cadmus is that it is a bit of all things to all men, besides a test-bench to develop my writing, ranging the whole gamut from retro/intro/extro-spections to fun links, interesting factoids, to essayish comments on war, science, or whatnot.
Also, a blog implies a certain regularity, be it daily, bi-fortnightly, or whenever. So, since I can't achieve neither focus nor regularity on Cadmus, it'll be on hiatus until further notice.
This, however, not in the least means I've quit blogging; I'll probably continue to post here sporadically when I feel I just have to, and I'm considering starting another blog(s) with a narrower focus and/or only for my friends.

Ce n'est qu'un au revoir...