onsdag, januari 12, 2005

Second Face of Janus

If you're one of the people that can be counted on one hand that have read Cadmus sporadically since its birth, you may have noticed a certain evolution, like for instance, the links on your right.
Also, that productivity has increased, though I haven't yet reached my target of posting daily, hence the gap between the faces of Janus. Guess I'll just have to improve the structure of my procrastination.
Typing* faster might help a bit, but it's really marginal. Having much more impact on my efficiency is the fact that I am prone to meandering (like that dvorak footnote), and I often end up with at worst three or four browsers windows with a couple of dozen tabs open in each. Well, it might be bad for my efficiency, but it's good for my effectivity, as it as I get inspiration not only to mere footnotes but also while new posts through surfing around.
As you may have noticed, Cadmus needs a new tagline. "All your message are belong to us message is an interesting memetic hybrid, but like most mutants, it feels a bit sterile.
"This** is dragons' teeth beeing sowed", which I had until last week, was a way of pointing out that blogs are a medium in their own right, just like cinema or radio or newspapers or novels. I find the Cadmus myth very compelling, but it feels redundant to refer to McLuhan in both the title and the tagline.
So, if you got something, by all means write in the comments; even if it's half-assed write it anyway, it might not be as bad as you think. And think! If two people post a comment, they could have a discussion!! Like on a real blog!!!***

*Anyway, if I am to learn typing seriously, I'd much rather learn dvorak; qwerty is standard purely and solely because of the panda's thumb effect; I'll change my keyboard to dvorak as soon as I'll start to write enough to make a difference.

** the word "this" was supposed to be a link opened to be a link that opened Cadmus in new window, like this, but that kind of tag doesn't work in Blogger's tagline window. I also wanted each new window opened through this link to get progressively smaller in a Fibonacci series, and each new window placed in a nifty golden spiral.

*** In the blogosphere, to have comments is de rigueur is you want to be 'a real blogger', unlike those famous people that just happen to have a blog. Some are congenial communities, such as Obsidian Wings or Tacitus, where debate between commentators is just, or even more, enjoyable as the blogs themselves.