måndag, november 22, 2004

The Stockholm Film Festival: Blogged by Cadmus

As both a cinephile and a chionophile, I'm finding this year's November unusually cheerful.
Originally, I thought of blogging about every film I saw, but I realise now it's overly ambitious as well as not so giving neither for me nor for my readers; better quality than quantity.

The only film I've seen so far I'll post a review about for sure is Appleseed. I still have to check to the programme thoroughlly and make a schedule for the rest of the week. As soon as I've done that, I'll post it. My blogging will be sporadic this week, but that's better than the last forth week, ain't it?

Film I'd possibly like to see today are War, Innocence, 20 Fingers, Tokyo Godfathers, The Story of the Ramones, Chrystal, and Breaking News.