tisdag, november 09, 2004

The Friday Four

Via Stefan Geens, I just discovered Fredags Fyran. Since I feel sleepy tonight, I'll jump on this opportunity to do some light blogging.

This friday's questions are:

1) Won the right person the election?

hmmm... feels like my blog as been mostly about this question in one way or another this far, much as I want to write about other stuff. You can try to guess the answer after reading, for example this post, or this one. This one too should help.

2) Do we meddle too much in US politics?

Absolutely not. Americans are very insular, and they need more outside influence. Furthermore, given the US weight in world affairs, it's only natural that people should be interested.

3) Who should the president of Sweden?

Svt showed an interesting pseudo-documentary about a fictious presidential election in Sweden. Carl Gustaf Bernadotte was one of the candidates, pitched against a fictious character named Per Vian.
I think Carl Bildt would be a favourite, if he presented himself.
Personnally, I don't care.

4) What would happen if George W. Bush and Carl Gustaf Bernadotte switched jobs?

People would joke about the king's mispronunciations instead of his dyslexia. Americans would probably think that Sylvia fitted her role as First Lady much better that her husband's one as president.